When I tell people that I am a photographer, there’s always an interest how I got into it! To be honest I have not been anything else but a photographer! It started when I was 14 years old when I discovered the art of photography. I  did my Baccalaureate in Photography in France and worked in Paris when I was 20 as a freelance photographer for travel magazines.

One day an editor of a travel magazine asked me if I could photograph her wedding the same way I photographed the people in my travel photos: very photojournalistic and ‘in the moment’ photos. This experience completely opened my eyes and changed the way I perceived wedding photography.

Wedding photos can be ‘real’ and at the same time, creative.  And these are the kind of photographs that really talk to me. It’s being able to tell the story with my images, at the same time frame it with my creative interpretation. I want couples like you to look at your photographs years from now and remember the feelings you felt on your wedding day.

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Twelve years ago, it was also love that brought me to Australia, and I continue to document wedding stories.

On your wedding day, I am everywhere and nowhere. This day is about you and the commitment that you’re making. I want you to fully experience the day, every unexpected moments: the joy, the tears, the laughter and even the nerves that come with it!

My favourite photos are those that transport us to the moment when the photograph was taken. Those that make us feel. Those that make us wonder what the subject was feeling and thinking. Those that force us to see the story behind the photograph.

Remember, it’s your story that creates beautiful images.