07 Mar 2021
Quay Restaurant Wedding

Quay Restaurant Wedding ~ Why couples choose this iconic restaurant for weddings?

Quay Restaurant Wedding |

For couples who appreciate good food, wine and first-class service, Quay Restaurant tick all the boxes for your wedding day. And we haven’t even mentioned the million dollar panoramic views encompassing the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Sydney Opera House!

I have been to Quay Restaurant a couple of times, and each time, I am amazed with the professionalism they treat everyone from their guests to wedding vendors like myself. Of course, the views never fail to impress me (and for those with overseas guests, this is just the perfect place to show off our Sydney!)

Quay Wedding Photos

Quay Restaurant Wedding


Quay Restaurant Wedding – The Difference

Without a doubt, Quay exudes world class excellence. Wedding guests order their meal of choice from a personalised menu, which is a definite rarity at wedding venues in Australia. Peter Gilmore, one of Australia’s well known and most awarded chefs, is the driving force behind the Quay. Listed for five years on the World’s 50 Best Restaurant list, Quay also held the title of Best Restaurant in Australasia for three of those years.



Wedding ceremony at Quay

Can you have your wedding ceremony at the Quay? The answer is yes! If you want to have your wedding ceremony and reception in one location, your ceremony can be held at the Quay Restaurant’s balcony overlooking the famous Sydney Opera House. What a view it is indeed!


Where to go for couple portraits when having a Quay Restaurant wedding?

Being right in the middle of Sydney Harbour means that Sydney’s best spots for wedding photos are right within your reach. The Rocks is always a classic pick for couple’s wedding location portraits. With historic buildings and hidden laneways, it is a perfect location that exudes olden day charm.

The Observatory Hill is another top location to have your bridal entourage photograph or walk along Pier One for the quintessential Harbour Bride wedding photos.


Quay Restaurant Wedding


Quay Restaurant Wedding

Wedding at Quay Restaurant

Quay Restaurant Wedding


How to get to Quay for your wedding?

Would you like a nicer and more stylish way to get to your wedding reception? Why not do a speed boat ride on the Sydney Harbour? It is an excellent opportunity to get some alone time with your new husband or wife and to get wedding photos such as this!


Quay Restaurant Wedding


Whether you’re planning a lunch or a more formal wedding dinner, Quay Restaurant ensures that your dining experience will be unforgettable!




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