Nothing was going to stop Laura & Daniel from standing at the same spot where they got engaged on the day of their wedding. Laura, with her adventurous spirit and sheer determination, led the way across the grassy headland of Cape Banks in Sydney’s La Perouse. Removing her bridal shoes and with her veil blowing with the wind, Laura was in her element!

It is always wonderful to see couples on their wedding day, simply enjoying the day as much as they can and being completely present in the moment. Going back to a special place for the couple’s wedding location shoot always makes the photos more emotional and meaningful.


St John’s Anglican, Maroubra

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More about Laura & Daniel’s Sydney Wedding…

Laura & Daniel exchanged their wedding vows at Maroubra’s St John’s Anglican Church. After the wedding ceremony, I along with the couple and the bridal party made our way to La Perouse for some bridal entourage and couple shots. It’s amazing how it is possible to discover something new despite having lived in the same place for many years!

I spent ten years living in Maroubra and I am very familiar with the surroundings and thought I knew every corner of eastern suburbs! And although La Perouse is one of my favourite locations for wedding photography, Cape Banks itself was such a discovery. Like many of Sydney’s amazing locations, Cape Banks had many spots that made for interesting and artistic wedding photographs!

We had such great time enjoying the scenery and the photoshoot was just like going for a walk with a bunch of friends! Everyone was so relaxed and perfectly at ease.

Laura & Daniel had a moment of alone time for their couple photos, and as my coverage ended and I left them to enjoy their wedding reception, it was such a light feeling to have spent the day with this couple who clearly know how to enjoy life.