19 Nov 2019
wedding planning mistakes

13 Mistakes that Brides Make When Planning a Wedding

13 Mistakes that Brides Make When Planning a Wedding |


While magazines, wedding blogs and Google search provide us with plenty of great wedding ideas, the best place to find inspiration is from the two of you.  Think about ‘your story’, what you both like to do: are you into travel, books, wine or poetry?  Then make this a centrepiece of your wedding. There’s no point having a ‘Vintage’ or ‘Rustic’ themed wedding, if the whole concept doesn’t speak to you or doesn’t describe you as a couple. Don’t be afraid to forego of the things that aren’t important to both of you, just because it’s ‘what’s expected’.



If you can avoid having a large waiting time between the ceremony and reception, believe us, your guests will thank you for it. There’s nothing worst than attending a wedding then having to think what to do in between and waiting for the time to pass. Talk to your venue and photographer about the best time to do the ceremony and the couple portrait shoot, and work around it. An hour and a half to two hours for the couple portrait session is plenty. Don’t try to visit all your favourite places on this day and turn your wedding into a one big photoshoot! While the guests are waiting, cocktails and canapés would be much appreciated.



This rings even truer when you’re having a destination wedding. Be mindful that your guests have travelled a long way and have spent both time and money to be with you on your special day. Make it easier for them by helping out with their travel plans and suggest itineraries and things to do. It will be a nice gesture to have a ‘welcome’ dinner or lunch before the actual wedding day to make your guests feel appreciated. If you expect your guests to be away for a longer period of time, have some activities or excursions organised, so your family and friends can get acquainted.



You’ve said, “I do” and you both just came back from your honeymoon. There is one last thing to do before reality completely takes over: send the Thank You cards! Although it is a digital age, don’t underestimate the power of paper. Receiving a Thank You card by post still holds much more value than an email or a text message. So how long have you got before you’ve missed the deadline? Experts are pretty much in agreement that Thank You cards must be sent within three months after your wedding.



The last thing you want are over exhausted and hungry vendors on your wedding day. While you’re certainly not expected to feed them all day long, offering drinks or even small snacks to those who are with you for most of the day would be greatly appreciated. Your venue should ask you for your suppliers who will be working during the reception. This includes your wedding planner, photographer, videographer, and DJ or band, plus their assistants. Some vendors stipulate on their contract that couple must provide them a meal.



It is important to think about your venue when creating your floral arrangements, table schemes and overall decor. While it may be tempting to go over the top with your decorations, less is often, more. If you already have a beautiful reception, don’t go over spending on knick knacks and ornaments that distract from the natural beauty of the space.

All those times that you called your bridesmaid late at night when you’re having a stress attack, not to mention their own money spent on outfit, hens night/grooms nights and hotels. Show your appreciation by giving your bridal party a tangible Thank You gift. It is a way to show your sincere gratitude for being there throughout your journey.



It’s a common scenario where parents or parents-in-law try to impose their own ideas on your wedding day, which often leads to conflict. Unfortunately, their ideas might not always fit your vision. While it’s not an easy conversation to have and you probably feel bad for saying ‘No’, the earlier you address the issues the better. Parents often help financially with the wedding, but if it comes with a condition that they have a final say, then be prepared to say goodbye to those funds if you can’t find a compromise.



Professional photographers should always invite you for a final preparation meeting where you discuss the final timeline of the day and who’s who of the wedding. Your photographer should ask you who are the immediate family and allocate a time for family photos. Once this is done on your day, trust that your photographer knows what they’re doing. Don’t get a friend to follow them around with a photo list to tick off . If you or a friend micromanage a photographer, then you miss out on natural and candid photos that really tell the story of your wedding.



The day of the wedding is not the time to be adventurous with your looks. If you want to try a different look and you have events over the course of your year leading up to your wedding, consider getting your artist in for those events to try different looks on you. This will help you gain even more confidence and help you decide on what you think will look best on you for your big day. Florent Vidal Photography‘s advise is “don’t make up for the camera.” Often, we hear that brides put on much more make-up than they normally would because ‘it’s for the camera.” While this may be true for a studio shoot, for weddings it is best to stay close to what you would normally have as possible. You will be more relaxed and comfortable – and this would show on your photographs!



While some lucky few have unlimited budget, for most of us the question of money and how much we can afford to spend without breaking the bank is an inevitable question we have to answer. Having a clear idea of how much you’d like to spend as a whole will give you a better use of time when planning your wedding. You don’t want to spend 80% of  your wedding budget on one thing, then not have enough funds for the rest! Decide on the most important things for you as a couple and the least important – you may find that you have to increase your budget a bit more for the most important things, but you’re able to forego or find a cheaper alternative for the least important.



You’ve just said, “I do” and now you’re off somewhere for your couple portrait shoot. While it’s tempting to go, go, go to be on schedule, it’s important to take a moment and just enjoy the few moments after you have become a husband and wife! These are the precious moments that you will never get back. And don’t worry, Florent Vidal Photography understands that you need some time out. We’ll just stay in the background doing what we’re doing and you will hardly notice us.



After all the planning, what else is there to do on the day but to say, ” I do” and have fun! Accept that some things will not go as planned (but could turn out to be even better!).  Remember that it’s only a day in your journey as a couple. Perfect is what you make it.