15 Feb 2021
Nelson Bay Photographer

Pregnancy Shoot – How to prepare for your pregnancy photo shoot?

Pregnancy shoot is all about you!

Pregnancy shoot should be fun! It’s all about discovering different personas from natural to dramatic!

A maternity shoot can be done in natural surroundings like a beach or in the comfort of your own home with our In-home maternity session.

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Pamper yourself

Make this day about you. Be sure to schedule yourself a very light day. Eliminate distractions, and if you can.. pamper yourself!

A few hours prior to your session, please remove anything that may cause lines on your body such as socks, tight pants, jewellery and undergarments. Wearing loose-fitting clothes, a robe or a sarong prior to the session is best. For pregnancy sessions, which may include some nudity, the robe or sarong will come in handy.  

Your hands may also be focused in the photoshoot so make sure you give yourself a manicure. Do not forget your toes in preparing for this special day. Lip moisturiser will be a great addition to your face during the photoshoot.

Pregnancy photoshoot

Your make-up

Focus on your eyes and lips, as they will be focused on photographs especially for black and white photographs. You don’t have to put too much foundation – just enough to even out your skin tone. Less is more!

What to wear?

As a general rule, keeping your attire simple allows for the focus to stay on you and not draw the eye to patterns and colours in fabrics. Your wardrobe should be free of logos, pictures and writing.

Scarves, shawls, sarongs and lengths of soft, fluid fabrics make wonderful wraps for maternity portraits. A buttoned-down blouse/shirt (soft, flowing, drapey fabrics/linen/cotton- one of your own or one of his works well, too.)

Fitted and cropped blouses are great for showing off your belly, too. A tank top or T-shirt that is tight-fitting for covering your top and exposing your belly (too loose and your belly will no longer be the focus.)

Jeans, slacks, drawstring pants, soft skirts. Linen and other fabrics that drape look feminine and soft. Your pants/jeans/skirts should not have maternity panels – they do not photograph well.

Instead, wear regular pants that can pull down under your belly. This is the time to wear those jeans that you can’t fit in anymore! Button fly jeans work very well in photos.



For black and white photos 

Black, white and mid-toned pastels photograph beautifully. Think about the look that you want to achieve, and this should guide you in selecting your wardrobe. 

For Him

Try to coordinate with each other. Drawstring drapey pants, linens and soft fabrics look good on him, too. Again, avoid shirts with logos and make sure to iron shirts, as creases show on the photographs.


Pregnancy Photoshoot


For Children

They should coordinate with you as well and have simple attire. Make sure their eyes, nose, finger and toenails are clean and groomed. Lotion and lip balm will help with close-ups.


maternity photography
In-home Studio Maternity Shoot

What is a typical ‘In-home’ photo session like?

Florent will bring a professional portable studio with studio lights to your home. Depending on the space, Florent may also get some shots that incorporate your home if there’s anything that catches his eye. 

To help you relax and be more comfortable, only those being photographed should be present. If you would like your children to be included in some of the photos, please consider childcare for the remainder of the session.

Before we begin taking photos, we will also go over your wardrobe choices.

Turning your home into a ‘studio’

So we could turn your home into a ‘studio’, we need a room with a minimum area of 3 x 3 metres and be completely empty (if you need to move furniture please do so prior to our session).  The longer the better. If you think you don’t have enough space or unsure where to have it, don’t worry. Florent will do a quick check of your home before the session and let you know the best spot.