01 Jan 2021
wedding trends 2019


Wedding Trends |

Couples are always on the look out for inspirations to include in their big day. We have compiled the biggest wedding trends that you need to know!

1 ~ Return to classic and simple

From classic bridal dress to simple settings, less is definitely more in 2021! Understated elegance never really went out of fashion but it is clearly a favourite theme this year. Experts say that we have the Duchess of Sussex formerly known as Meghan Markle to thank for this. Always looking refined without being over the top, her wedding dress was the epitome of simplicity and clean lines. Men, too, can say goodbye to casual shirts, suspenders and trainers. We will see grooms looking every bit of a gentleman with their three-piece suits



2 ~ Banquet style tables for reception

One of the easiest ways to make your guests welcome is with your wedding table. Remember being invited to a wedding and dreading with whom you will be seated? We hear you! The banquet style seating is not only elegant, but it is a way to make your wedding a more intimate affair. Getting rid of the bridal table also means that you’re less on display, but actually be amongst your friends and family.


{beautiful setting at Merribee House. Styled by Flowers on the Mill}


3 ~ Unplugged ceremonies 

More and more couples are politely requesting their guests to refrain from using their mobile devices to take photos during the ceremony. Professionally and personally, we couldn’t agree more! There is nothing more beautiful than having everyone completely and fully present with the couple when they are exchanging their vows.



4 ~Hello to Bridesmen and Groomsgirls

We love couples who celebrate their big day as they want it! Including your nearest and dearest friend regardless of gender is the way to go! We also see the rise of flowergrandma, bestwoman and man of honour. Breaking traditions such as both parents walking down the aisle and no bridal party are also well and truly acceptable.




 5 ~ Black and white wedding photography

Another classic that will never go out of style, though with the ascent of Instagram, has taken a temporary backseat is black and white wedding photography. But now it is back, and everyone is falling in love with black and white once more. See more timeless black and white wedding photography.



6 ~ Bringing the outdoors inside

The beauty of nature continues to paint a romantic palette with stylists and designers using more flowers and foliage indoors. Florals, trees, foliage will take centre stage and the ambience will be whimsical, wild and at the same time, romantic.


{Bringing the outdoors indoors. Styled by The Wilds}


7 ~All white wedding

Once it was a definite no – no to wear white to a wedding. All the wedding etiquette guides will tell you that you will be frowned upon if you turn up wearing white to a wedding. And this extends to the bridal party, with the bride always choosing a different colour for her bridesmaids. We will be throwing this rule out of the window. Brides love the elegant, classic look that only white can bring.


{Taken at The Butterfactory}


 8 ~ Grazing tables

An edible work of art that is sure to impress your guests and keep them coming back for more is a grazing table. From charcuterie, fruit, sushi to dumpling grazing tables the choice is endless. Abundance is the keyword here ensuring that your guests never grow hungry while their enjoying the cocktail hour.


{Sushi grazing table at The Zest, Waterfront Venues}


9 ~More Cheesecake towers

Comté, Brie, Camembert, Gruyère and Parmesan are only a few of many that make the heart of a fromage lover sing! If you love your cheese then you can definitely have it as a cake and eat it, too! Cheese towers are not going anywhere soon. Therefore, the only thing left for us to do is to learn the proper way to eat a cheese course.


{Glorious cheese tower by Formaggi Ocello}