19 Apr 2020

How will you tell your story?

Couples sometimes wonder if a wedding album is worth the investment.  Just like a great book, I believe that your story deserves to be told over the years.

I remember as a child looking at my parents’ wedding photographs. They didn’t have an album, but instead only had a few loose prints.

How much time I spent peering over them – amazed how young everyone looked!

As years passed, how I wished I had more ‘story’ to uncover, but I only had those few loose prints to hold onto.

Imagine what it would be like for both of you in the future – especially now that we are in digital age. Will you have something tangible and lasting to hold onto of your wedding photographs?

I remember not so long ago, my clients were receiving their photographs on DVDs. Now, we hardly have any computers that read DVDs.

It makes me think that the true value of a wedding album is not in the present, but in the future.

Looking back at my parent’s wedding photos, they have survived not only because of their sentimental value, but because they exist in a physical form (however few they were) that can be passed down through the generations.


Why I chose Queensberry Album to offer my couples?

Years from now, your wedding album will be your only tangible reminder of how it all began. I don’t lose sight of the fact that your wedding album should serve your memories for many, many years.

With this in mind, I have done extensive research on albums made by finest materials that are guaranteed to stand the test of time. This is why I chose to work with Queensberry. I liked that they take quality, craftsmanship and photographic preservation seriously. Their wedding albums also have that restrained, elegant look that will remain classic in the future.


Will the photographs remain the same, as they claim?

As a professional photographer, I can assure you that each photograph is printed using traditional printing methods. This has been around for over 150 years – those old photographs that you still see these days were printed using traditional techniques.

Before printing your wedding album, I further work on photographs selected for your wedding album ensuring that each is colour corrected and calibrated.


How about a do-it-yourself album?

I know that some of you may be considering doing the album yourselves. Yes, you may save yourselves a couple of hundred of dollars but the question you have to ask is “how will it look in a couple of years time?”

Not only does your wedding photographs deserve better presentation, but it also deserves a greater chance at longevity. There’s a reason why DIY albums are cheaper in cost.

I appreciate that you have invested in me to capture your wedding day. It will be a great shame to not fully make the most of your wedding photographs. And let’s face it, a do-it-yourself project may never eventuate and the print quality will be disappointing.


Do couples get involved in the creation of your wedding album?

Absolutely! But first, I will save you many hours of sorting through hundreds of photographs! Putting together a professional-looking album is not as easy as it may seem.

I will create a wedding album, as I witnessed your story unfold, selecting the best images of your day. Then I will send you a link via email where you can easily request changes online. Once approved, the wedding album is delivered safely to your door in three to four weeks.



 Only the finest quality to serve your memories.



Each image is printed through traditional printing method.




Straightforward design process.