31 Aug 2017

Get Professional Family Portraits while on Holidays in Port Stephens! Florent Vidal Photography

Holidaying with your family is one of life’s most treasured memories. We often long for the next holiday even before we’ve unpacked our bags! With Port Stephens’ pristine beaches, secluded bays, sand dunes and many bushwalks, it’s no surprise it’s a popular holiday destination of choice for many families, babymoon, engagement and proposal getaways. Discover this coastal treasure’s many activities such as hiking up Tomaree Head, snorkelling at Fly Point, quad biking or sand boarding in the dunes, whale watching and swimming with dolphins, visiting and feeding sharks and rays or simply relaxing by the beach.


And while you and your loved ones are having fun, why not add a professional photography experience to your itinerary?



One of Australia’s most awarded photographers, Florent Vidal, offers a professional holiday photography session to capture your time in Port Stephens while taking you to its most picturesque locations. Florent’s photographs show the joy and playful spontaneity amongst families in this wonderful setting. His career started in Europe photographing different cities, people and countries for prestigious travel magazines. This experience in travel photojournalism allows Florent to capture personalities and translate it to artistic portraits.


Your holiday in Port Stephens is the perfect time to create artistic family portraits that you will cherish for years to come.


So how does Holiday or Vacation Photography work?



~ Make it a part of your itinerary to book a vacation shoot by contacting us as soon as you’ve booked your holidays. You may also organise this on the day of your arrival in Port Stephens and depending on availability, we will lock in a day and time for your shoot.

~ Florent will bring you to the best spots in Port Stephens to make the most of your photo session.

~ Holiday photoshoot lasts for 60 minutes, and your photographs can be ready within a couple of hours.


For information and booking your Holiday Photography:
or call Florent 0405 696 742.


black and white cute kid photo

Kids Photography

Black & White Family Portrait photography in Port Stephens




kids photography

Family photographer Florent Vidal captures this candid shot at the beach in Port Stephens

Adorable kids portrait photo in Port Stephens

happy child photo

Family holiday photos at Port Stephens

Kids Photography in black and white