30 Sep 2017

The Gardens on Forest Wedding

The wedding of Elouise & Matt was a solemn and joyful event. Both chose their respective childhood homes for their wedding preparations before setting off to Potter’s House Christian Church for their wedding ceremony, and then later to The Gardens on Forest to celebrate the occasion. Elouise’s father could not help but shed a few tears when he finally saw his little girl in her bridal gown. Matt, for his part, took the time to teach Bible class to a group of children before Elouise’s arrival at the church.

Elouise’s joy was for everyone to see, as she walked the down the aisle with a huge smile on her face. As Elouise & Matt exchanged their wedding vows, the intensity of their love and commitment was apparent in the couple’s gaze for one another. After the wedding ceremony, the couple and their guests headed to The Gardens on Forest for their lunch reception. After the intimate celebration, we did more wedding portraits at Oatley Park.

We asked Elouise a few questions after the wedding day to see the moments that she remembers most of the day.

On the wedding day..

1~ What made you laugh?
I felt like I was laughing all day long- I had planned the day to be as simple but organised as possible and watching it all play out perfectly definitely made me laugh. I had a stress factor of close to zero which is also a bit of a laugh as I’m usually always finding myself wanting to be in full control. But It’s just such a surreal feeling to be surrounded by 234 of your closest family and friends who want to be there and support you and witness you take the next step in life.

2 ~ What made you cry?
My final moments slow dancing with my dad to my favourite childhood song “butterfly kisses” in the family living room before knowing that he would hand over his role as protector to the man of my dreams definitely was a moment for fighting back tears. But I was overwhelmed with happy tears during the whole day as it was just the most perfectly amazing day I could’ve ever dreamed of!

3 ~What made you pull your hair?
I went into the day with few expectations except to make the most of every opportunity and enjoy every moment of the day.

4~ Finish this sentence: If I knew what I know now I would..
I would make one single check list instead of the multiple that I found myself writing and ensure that all involved in the planning had access to it… (as I maybe forgot to tell the reception what time our cake would be arriving… oopsies)

5 ~ To other couples, Make sure you…
STAY HYDRATED!!! I found I wasn’t that hungry during the day which was fine but I certainly didn’t drink enough water and came home incredibly dehydrated!! (It was a warm summers day too!) My bridesmaid, maid of honour and new hubby all did this for me… except I kept getting distracted and forgot to actually drink what they’d given me…


Bride getting hair done