11 Jan 2021
same sex wedding

Same sex weddings? Yes, please! We want to see more photos like these!

Same sex weddings should be celebrated like any other: openly, warmly and proudly.

Same Sex Wedding Photographer

Same Sex Wedding Photographer

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(Update: Thankfully, that since I wrote this, same sex wedding is now well and truly legal in Australia! I decided to keep the original post, as my sentiments remain the same, and the story of  Joy & Stephanie’s still warms my heart.)

My job as a wedding photographer has given me plenty of opportunities, not only to capture, but also to witness first hand the joy that a marriage brings to a couple, their entire family and friends.

I believe that no-one should be denied this right.

Why is it hard to accept that love is love?

In the past, interracial marriages were considered taboo; socially unacceptable. The children born from such marriages were made to feel ashamed and were considered second class citizens. Now we know, how wrong it was. How ignorant were the criticisms against those marriages and their children.

Today, year 2017, we hold the same ignorance only this time it’s about marriage equality.


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Back in 2015, I received a phone call from Joy, whose brother’s wedding I photographed years earlier, to discuss about her own upcoming wedding. As always I feel very honoured and happy when a sister, brother, cousin or a friend calls me when it’s their turn to get married. What more? Joy’s wedding was going to be ‘different’, as there will be two brides! It was my first ever inquiry for a same sex wedding but, it made me stop and think: Isn’t it about time that same sex weddings are no longer considered ‘different’?

The wedding of Joy & Stephanie became extra special when Joy’s father wrote an open letter to Australia’s Prime Minister, Mr Turnbull last Fathers’ Day, which was published in The Sydney Morning Herald.

Whether you agree or disagree in same-sex marriage, I think we could all agree that we only want what’s best for our children. Joy’s father’s letter about his love for his daughter was very moving and beautifully written. As a father to two daughters, his letter touched me deeply.

                 “I’m the first to admit that I lost sleep when my youngest first told me she was dating a woman.

                    I was worried about what it might mean for her.  But I love my daughter and her partner more every day.

They ask for no special treatment and in our family we offer love unconditionally.

This excerpt from Joy’s father’s letter gives an insight to what same sex couples are asking for: to be treated no differently or more special, but just to be treated the same as any other couple.



His letter also talks about the battles that he had to deal with growing up as an immigrant and fighting against being labeled as a ‘wog’; then his fight with his parents to marry someone from a different faith, and later his fight against the idea of divorce being wrong. After a lifetime of battles, he thought his days of fighting were over.  Instead he is faced again with his fight for his daughter’s rights.

I think his sentiments about the government spending millions of dollars on a plebiscite is echoed by many of us Australians. We don’t want our money spent on this issue when it knows what the majority of Australians want.

I am hopeful (and positive) that one day soon we will see more wedding photos with two brides or two grooms: such as the case of John & Jim who were married in America last December. As any happy couples in their honeymoon, I was proud to have been able to immortalise their vacation in Sydney with a portrait shoot.

Photography gives me an insight about what moves people. And what moves people is pretty much the same: love and compassion.

We might have different choices in life, but as long as those choices are guided by love, then what really is the matter?

Same sex marriage? I think it’s ABOUT time that we say in Australia, “We do.”



We are proud to have been part of and capture these same sex weddings! Love is Love.

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