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Wedding Photojournalism | Natural & Candid Wedding Photographer

As a wedding photojournalist, it’s no secret that a couple’s story is what inspires me as a candid wedding photographer. My lifelong passion is incredibly rewarding because I love to capture natural, spontaneous and joyous moments between couples – and their families and friends – on the most memorable day of their lives.

In fact, my passion for wedding photojournalism stems from my desire to be an authentic storyteller; to reflect the tenderness, warmth and excitement every couple experiences on their wedding day, as opposed to the contrived, unnatural moments that come with highly staged, planned photographs.

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What is wedding photojournalism?

Wedding photojournalism is about telling a story with your images. As a natural and candid wedding photographer, I believe that at the heart of every magical photograph is a real connection to emotion, and that emotion can come from a place of devotion, vulnerability, overwhelming love, and even laughter. As a result, the most powerful, moving and memorable photographs come from authentic moments. These are the photos that evoke lifelong feelings from my clients, who treasure them forever.

Being an experienced wedding photojournalist, I immerse myself in every moment that occurs on a wedding day – from the preparation of the bride and groom through to the wedding and reception – and I love to capture those moments naturally, while still being able to frame them with my own creative eye. I’ve learned the secret to best wedding photography is to be there for every moment and to allow each moment to spontaneously occur.

One of my favourite photographs captures three sisters in a car on their way to the church. The joy, love and excitement was palpable, and at one point, I could sense the sisters’ emotions building. My approach was simply to respect their space, to be ready to capture this emotional moment, and to photograph this once-in-a-lifetime experience. As a professional wedding photographer, I never directed the sisters to pose or to deliver staged, forced emotion for the camera; instead, I was merely an observer, always anticipating those magical memories that simply cannot be recreated.

Another of my most cherished photographs captures a young girl admiring a beautiful, intricate wedding dress. Was this innocent young girl imagining how the beautiful bride would look as she walked down the aisle? Or was she picturing herself in a future fairytale romance? Either way, it’s an intimate, unique and special photographic memory, and my approach was to simply seize the moment by capturing the purity and stillness in the room.

When my clients receive their collection of photographs and relive their wedding day, many are surprised to see themselves in some photos, because they weren’t aware of my existence during their most private moments.  As a natural wedding photographer, I try to be as ‘invisible’ as possible, so my clients don’t feel overwhelmed or intimidated. I’m honoured to be part of the creative process, and I’m committed to silently observing intimate moments and capturing beautiful, tender experiences.

My approach is to capture every candid moment to not detract from the magic of the occasion. This ensures the photographs capture the real essence of the event, and importantly, I allow the couple to experience their wedding day as naturally as possible.

I’m passionate about authentic storytelling through the art of natural wedding photography, and it’s my purpose to capture tender, real experiences. I believe wedding photographs should transcend time, and like all great romances, their magic should last forever.