29 Jan 2018
Model Portfolio taken in Sydney

Modelling Portfolio in Sydney

The boy becomes a man. The year was 2010 when I first met Wayne. His mum, Adriennne, brought him and his brother Jack along for a family portrait shoot.

Fast forward to 2018 and Wayne is now a handsome young man who’s attending university and looking at doing some modelling.



We had the modelling portfolio shoot divided into two parts: in studio and in Sydney’s famous The Rocks. Having a photoshoot in studio and outdoors are very different. In studio, the setting allows me, the photographer, to play with different lighting and to create different moods. The lack of distraction also puts models in the ‘zone’, and the creative relationship between the model and the photographer is also much more apparent in this type of setting.




Outdoor shoot is about finding a great location and working with the environment that you are given – the latter is true for both the photographer and the model. Although outdoor setting can be less intimidating than a professional studio, being outside means that you are at a public spot and may attract onlookers. Also, the model needs to work harder to channel different moods. Of course, professional models, through experience, become an expert at blocking out outside environmental factors. Being on location also allows the photographer to use the setting creatively to set the mood of the photoshoot.



What makes a good model?

Of course, having good looks helps. But this is not the be all and end all.  The most important thing is to have your personality shine through. Charm and intellect go a long way!

A model is much like a theatre actor – the emotions must come to the surface so that audience can feel what you’re trying to convey. The ability to work with the camera and not be consumed by it is a plus! A model must be able to play with the camera, to have fun and not take him/herself so seriously but one must always be a professional.