29 Nov 2017

Mrs & Mrs: Rachel & Maja just got married!

With our recent resounding ‘YES’ vote success to LGBT weddings, Rachel&Maja’s was to us, a symbol of hope, love and equality in marriage. Rachel&Maja got married at the Sydney’s UK consulate surrounded by their closest friends. They were both unprepared by how intense they felt during their wedding ceremony. “We were both really surprised at how emotional we got saying our vows, we had ‘practised’ them at home and so nothing we said was a surprise to the other person, but in the moment, in front of everyone, the magnitude of the situation and the importance of the words was quite overwhelming, it was difficult to get them out!”

~ We chatted with the two brides a few days after their wedding to see what they remembered most about the day.

“I think it would have to be standing in the consulate with the fantastic view and all our friends sat staring at us! It made it all very real and very serious, but in the most beautiful way. The second thing would have to be the photos, I don’t think we’ve ever stared into each other’s eyes so often for so long, although at first, we felt a little exposed and embarrassed, but then we soon relaxed and started to enjoy the experience. The Rocks was a fabulous place to have photos because there were very open public spots and then very private spots, too.”

~ What made you laugh? 

“Definitely, the speeches that our friends did. It’s rare that people get up and say nice things about you publicly, so that was so nice to hear but we realised we also have a very funny bunch of friends!”

~ If you knew what you know now about your wedding, would you do anything differently?

“This one we have to answer separately!”

Rachel: “I would definitely not drink so much! The nerves were too easily settled by the champagne!”

Maja: “Definitely a spare change of clothes – being pregnant, not only was it difficult walking in heels but the dress got tighter as the evening went on! I think we’re both happy with the fact that they are both minor things!”

~ What made you choose Bibo wine bar for your wedding reception? What did you love about it?

“Being European and having all our family overseas, we made a decision that the wedding would be a small affair and only involve our close friends here, then we could celebrate with our families in Europe next year. So having only 16 guests, we didn’t want a big party so we decided just to have a dinner together but to make it a little more special, we wanted somewhere that had a private dining room, hence Bibo! It was the first place we looked at, we loved the size of the room, it was perfect for the number of guests, and the balcony with the beautiful trees outside made it extra special.”

~ What made you choose Florent Vidal for your wedding photography

“Florent was referred to us by a colleague of his. We ultimately wanted a gay or very gay-friendly photographer, it was really important to us that the person taking our photos was completely onboard with our relationship and marriage. And so I found a photographer on a gay wedding website, he was not available however he referred us to Florent. From the moment we started having communications with Florent we knew he was going to be supportive and from looking on Facebook at his work, we loved his style so the decision was made!”

On the actual wedding day itself, Rachel & Maja added, “Florent did not disappoint! He was friendly, relaxed, open and communicated well. We met up a few weeks before the wedding and he gave us our plan for the photos, he gave us good insights, as well as listening to what we wanted. On the day he was the first to arrive at the consulate! He was smart, professional and got on with his work without impacting on anything we were doing. During the photography session in the city and The Rocks, he was patient and confident and really looked after us – he even went and got the car to pick us up because Maja couldn’t walk in her heels anymore! He then drove us to the reception and carried on taking photos there, he was great. Thanks so much Florent!”



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