19 Jul 2019


When I tell couples that their wedding day is about their commitment to each other – not a photoshoot – I mean it.

While we celebrate this day with all the appropriate trimmings, we shouldn’t lose sight that a wedding is about two people saying “I do” to forever.

Ironically, when you look at a wedding day as a whole, the ceremony is the shortest part of the celebration. For me, this is the highlight and the most important event of the day – it is about two people showing their love and commitment for each other. When emotions flow during the ceremony, everyone is touched (and that includes me!).

Finding a celebrant is easy – but finding a celebrant who will take the time to get to know you, your family and your closest friends so that your wedding ceremony will create a deeper connection to everyone present is very rare. Jacie Whitfield of  I Do Bespoke Ceremonies attended two of her friends’ weddings that turned her life around and led her to being a celebrant.

“I remember feeling saddened and disappointed that such a romantic, meaningful and intimate occasion wasn’t celebrated with the enthusiasm, love and passion I knew my friends shared for each other.  These ceremonies were outdone by the receptions and forgotten not long after the couples were officially married. It was during the reception of that second wedding I decided to pursue a career as a Celebrant. It is now my full-time passion and profession and an art that I truly enjoy bringing to the wedding industry.”

Let’s get to know Jacie Whitfield a bit more…


1~ Tell us a bit about yourself / business?

I’m Jacie and I’m a bit of a celebrant pirate in that I’m somebody who wants to make a radical change in the wedding industry by shaking up the complacency around giving a cookie cutter style ceremony in favour of a real, memorable, personalised, deep and inclusive, truly enjoyable ceremony.

I like clients who are also creatives, crusaders, rebels, artists, utopian, connoisseurs, greenies, foodies, aficionados, passionistas, hedonists, coffee snobs, culture buffs, hippies, artisans, empaths, bibliophiles, love addicts, animal lovers, earth keepers and people uplifters.

I write only original wedding ceremonies garnished from input gathered from each couple, their families and friends.

By accounts, what I offer is an inimitable experience and one I’ve prided myself on continuing to perfect these last ten years.



2 ~ What are the first things that couple ask you when they meet you?

Most inquiries are about availability, price and inclusions however people book me because of my passion, personality, gifts, investment and unique and exclusive, trustworthy services.



3 ~ The best thing about what I do is…

Truly everything, it’s not a job, it’s a calling and my purpose is to make everything feel relevant and reverent. I genuinely edify the couple and their tribe of loved ones and give gratitude to the relationships and individuals that have influenced and supported the couple along the way.

I make people feel elevated, I make them laugh, cry, question, reinvest and connect on a deeper level.

My phone and inbox overflows with such incredible images capturing the euphoria and resonance of such an important life ritual and experience. I absolutely love what I ‘get’ to do and appreciate everyone who entrusts me to craft and then tell their evolving love story.




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