02 Oct 2017

How to make the most of your bridal & groom preparations?

This part of the day is one of my favourites in a wedding. The dress that has been carefully hanged, silently witnesses the emotions that fill the room. The palpable excitement and the anticipation of the events that lay ahead. While the celebratory mode is present, most brides and groom cannot help but also use this moment to reflect on the grand commitment that they are about to take.

Here are 5 main things to think about when planning for your preparation…

1 ~ Location: House or Hotel?

First, it is important to be close to the ceremony venue and to not have to do a long drive, as you will be more relaxed. Luxury hotel room is great as it is tidy and helps you really focus on what is happening and detach yourself from every day life. Pick a very big and bright room, get Champagne delivered and make the most of it.

Some may prefer to get ready at parents’ home. It is a great option, too as you will have nostalgic feelings getting ready for your wedding in the house where you grew up. Your parents though will be more distracted by their ‘every day life’ than if you were at a hotel with everyone only focusing on you. It is a personal choice dependent on you, your relationship with your parents and siblings, and with the house.



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2 ~ Big space and plenty of natural light

If your bedroom is too dark or too small don’t be afraid to move it to your living room, which probably has better lighting and has more space. Make sure there is enough room for you and your entourage to get ready. This will ensure that I can easily move around to get different angles of your preparation. Tidy up..I try to move things around when needed and to get the best angles, but full on tidying up is obviously impossible. What you see around you will be captured in the photographs. So unless you want those empty take-away boxes in your wedding photos, please take the time to remove them.




3 ~ Atmosphere: Relax and choose wisely who will be there (including suppliers).

Don’t worry about the photographer, I’m not here to direct your prep, I’m here to capture the real emotions that will come out from this special moment. We will not do fake shoots of you putting your earring, putting your shoes, etc. That will all happen and I will capture it naturally. My approach will help make your preparations relaxing, focus on the emotion of the moment. You should think about this, too, when choosing your wedding suppliers (hairdressers, make-up artist) since you will pass the morning of your wedding with them. Not only you must love their work but also have a good rapport with them. You want professionals that will respect you and your moment. Not the hairdresser who won’t stop talking about her own wedding …(sorry that I had to mention this. Also a kind note to the suppliers who will be captured in photographs eg. make-up artist, must also think about their personal appearance. This is a wedding and some attires are more appropriate than others).

Lastly, turn the TV off. You are getting married today! It’s distraction that isn’t needed on this day. You want to be in touch with reality and what’s happening around you. Just have a soft calm background music and have only the people whom you love present.



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4 ~ Allow enough time.

I offer a full day coverage of your wedding day so you can relax and don’t have to stress about the time. I will arrive at your place more than two hours before the ceremony to capture your preparation and do some fun and artistic portraits of you, your girls/boys and family. Prior to the wedding, I will coordinate with the make-up artist to ensure that we are on the same page regarding the schedule.




5 ~ Last but not the least, relax, take a deep breath! As you’re off to meet the person of your dreams!