26 Sep 2017
bridal bouquet

Ask the expert: “How to choose the perfect bridal bouquet for your wedding day?”

Flowers have been a symbol of romance since the Victorian times when lovers would often send flowers to express their love. Long before this, in Ancient Rome, brides would carry or wear flower garlands as a symbol of new beginnings, fidelity and hope of fertility. Less romantic reasons for carrying bouquet of flowers were from the Middle Ages to ward off evil spirits and mask body odour.

But ever since Queen Victoria walked down the aisle with a bunch of orange blossoms, the bridal bouquet became a must have accessory to complement the bride’s dress, as well as her personality.

Choosing your bridal bouquet is not as easy it may seem, according to our expert florist, Lina Bteddini of Chanele Rose Flowers, but having a professional florist who knows the right questions to ask will help every bride find her perfect wedding bouquet.


~ Lina, with so many options available, how do you help a bride choose the perfect bouquet for her wedding day?

I like to get to know the bride more and understand her personality first and foremost. Each bride is unique and a bouquet must symbolise her and her style!

I also always ask what kind of dress they will be wearing, and to see a photo of the dress if possible for me is paramount. It is also important to take into account the location of the wedding, will it be in a church, on a farm, on the beach, in an art gallery?

Another question I would ask is what are their bridesmaids wearing, what colour theme if any they have chosen. What season she will be getting married will also affect the flower availability at the time. So, it’s  important to advise the bride upfront about what flowers they are most likely to see included.

Unfortunately, peonies are not available in Australia all year round so it’s very important a florist doesn’t give the bride false hope, only to be disappointed on the big day. Mother nature is quite unpredictable, too, you just never know what may show up!

Some brides may be budget conscious so asking if they have a certain budget will also assist with her planning of the big day.

At the end of the day it’s their special day, so you want to ensure that  the flowers are the freshest possible to last the day and the bouquets all works in beautiful harmony with her gown, location and ties in with her bridesmaids gowns and suits her personality.


~ What’s your personal style or favourite bridal bouquet?

I personally love a wilder unstructured bouquet with beautiful textures, I love to combine soft fluffy bloom like garden roses, wild Dahlias, trailing orchids with lush trailing jasmine or peppercorn berry. I don’t have a favourite flower as such but am quite a sucker for a fragrant scent, Tuber rose, Gardenia or Jasmine.


Need wedding bouquet ideas? We’ve compiled below some of our favourite bouquets from past weddings we’ve photographed to give you floral inspirations..


stunning bride holding a wedding bouquet

Bridal bouquets should be chosen with the dress and venue in mind

How to choose the right bridal bouquet

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