15 Nov 2017
Gay, Lesbian, LGBT Wedding Photographer

Celebrating Same Sex weddings! A win for the Gay & Lesbian community, and for Australia!

As a wedding photographer and a proud supporter of Gay, Lesbian and Same Sex Weddings, I waited with bated breath to learn about the Same Sex Marriage plebiscite result. And today, along with my wife, we popped the Champagne and celebrate with those who believe that love is for everybody and should not discriminate! We were appalled by the heartless debate that had gone on during the time, the fear mongering and for masking ignorance as “freedom of speech.” We can only ever have freedom if we unshackle the chains that drag our society from moving forward.

Today, I’m hopeful that this is the beginning. May all of us be able to walk proudly hand in hand with the person we care the most regardless of sex, religion and ethnicity. 

Today, love wins.

My job as a wedding photographer is about celebrating love and capturing it. I have been witnessed to love in many forms from cultural traditions, ethnic backgrounds and places near and far. And now, with the win for Same Sex Marriage, I am very much looking forward to capturing many more gay and lesbian, and the rest of the LGBT community weddings! Wherever it may be: from Sydney, Hunter Valley, Port Stephens and beyond, I will be there!

This is what real FREEDOM looks like.



Florent Vidal Photography believe in LOVE and we will continue to capture it in many forms and colours! Our philosophy is always the same: to let you enjoy your wedding day and for you to live it fully. We believe that beauty begins the moment you become yourself and live in your moments. Let us not forget that when all the trimmings are gone, a wedding is about two people bound by love who commit to forever.