03 Dec 2018
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Food Photographer ~ Le Saucisson

Food Photographer |

It goes without saying that food is so different to my usual photography subjects. Professional photographers will tell you that it is among one of the difficult subjects – that is why food stylists resort to some tricks of the trade to make it look glossy and definitely not soggy (such as motor oil for sauce or mashed potatoes for ice cream)!

I can tell you though that there were no need for trickery in these photographs. What you see are real food and authentic dried sausages! I throughly enjoyed the full sensory experience photographing these french sausages from Australia’s “most authentic saucisson’, Saucisson Australia, as described by The Gourmet Traveller. Just the smell of the saucisson, saucisse sèche and the bâtonnet took me back to France!


food photographer

food photographer


Jean Marc Amar, or Mr Saucisson to many French expats, learned the art of making saucisson from a very young age growing up in France’s Languedoc region. When he arrived in Australia over ten years ago, he noticed that dried french sausages were non existent. Jean Marc single handedly changed this by creating his own range of saucissons, which recently included a more Australian flavour such as Kangaroo Saucisson! It won Silver medal in Mondial Rabelais du Saucisson 2018 (The First Saucisson World Cup), along with the 100 Day Aged Saucisson.

We used the basic ingredients of the sausages to illustrate the different flavours: for example fresh and dried chilli for chilli bâtonnets. I wanted a rich, moody feel to complement the traditional way of eating these sausages: with a glass of wine and fresh baguette. What could be more French than that?!

As they say, we eat with our eyes first. Food photography is about awakening the eyes, eventually the taste buds, and the symphony of senses that come into play when we eat something delicious.


food photographer 


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