02 Feb 2021
Fearless Photographer

Fearless Photographers

As a photographer who’s been shooting weddings for over 20 years, it is important to for me to keep inspiring myself and pushing the artistic boundaries with my wedding images. Working for myself gives me creative freedom and allows me to manage my time. But we all know the importance of belonging to a like-minded community where you can keep learning from each other.

A couple of years ago I heard of Fearless Photographers, and as the name suggests – the members are not your run of the mill wedding photographers. The members, who come from all over the world, share a visionary approach to wedding photography. And what kind of couples who would want Fearless Photographers? Couples who truly love photography!

I was ecstatic when I became a member of Fearless Photographers community. The mind-blowing photography that I see on this website is the bar that I set for myself. It showcases and celebrate distinctive wedding photography.

As I mentioned, the members come from diverse backgrounds all over the world and each contributes to making wedding photography an art form. I would like to showcase the Fearless Photographers whose work I personally admire. I would like to bring their creativity to the Australian community. My hope is that the artistic appreciation for wedding photography extends beyond the wedding industry and is celebrated throughout the arts community. As wedding photographers, we appreciate how hard it is to be truly good at it! There are no second chances in this type of photography.

Fearless Photographers whom I admire (in random order)


Daniel Lopez Perez

Fearless Photographer

Their wedding images will take you to a wonderful journey of different perspectives. From playful and colourful wedding images to those photographs that easily bring tears to your eye. With a background in landscape photography,  they have an eye for incorporating natural surroundings with wedding photography and the result is a stunning body of work.


Ian Chin Photography

Fearless Photographer

Meaningful images that take you back to your wedding day is what Ian Chin wants to give his couples. There is an element of fun in every shot which, from I what read, reflects Ian’s personality. His images are memorable and distinctly different.


Flávio Alvarenga

Fearless Photographer

As a former theatre actor and a long time art lover, Flávio’s background shows through his distinct style in wedding photography. He has a flair for capturing real life events while presenting them in composition reminiscent of fashion photography. His ingenuity catapulted him to being Bahia’s Most Awarded Photographer.