19 Sep 2017
Curzon Hall Wedding Destination

A Curzon Hall Fairy Tale Wedding of Elyse & David

“David and I created a day that was not only true to ourselves and our relationship with each other, but also harnessed our French and English backgrounds. From David turning around at the last minute to see me walking down the aisle, which is an English tradition, to cutting our cake with a sword and a full French dinner service.”

Once upon a time..

All fairytales start with this phrase, and Elyse & David’s wedding had all the hallmarks of a story book. Every detail was meticulously thought about to help the couple feel as connected to each other, and their friends and family as possible. The couple surprised everyone with a horse and carriage entrance, a Moet champagne tower at the end of the ceremony and a specially choreographed first dance.

Throughout the day, whispers of the words “magical” and fairytale” were floating around. In contrast to the attention that Elyse & David paid to the details, on the day of their wedding they totally relaxed and let every moment consume them on the day,

“Taking brief moments along the way to stand alone together to breathe each other and our atmosphere in. You can’t plan how emotions will run on your special day, and we think our photo reportage captures perfectly how relaxed and happy we both felt. Every time we look at our photos, we see a different emotion and a different story. There are not many photojournalists able to snap moments that raw and that special. Florent Vidal is one of them.”

A befitting venue for their fairy tale wedding reception with french touches was Curzon Hall, Sydney’s very own ‘Castle” or shall we say, “Château”?

It’s always interesting to hear what the Brides remember most after the wedding day.


Here’s our Fast Talk with Elyse:


~ What made you laugh? Everyone on the dance floor!


~ What made you cry? Seeing each other for the first time, and also our beautiful speeches


~ What made you pull your hair?  I didn’t have any stress on the day, but my veil in the wind pulled my hair at times!


~ Finish this sentence: “If I knew what I know now I would..”  make it last longer.


~ To other couples, “Make sure you…”  buy as much photo and video coverage as you can!


Candid and natural pre wedding photo

Bride getting ready

artistic wedding photo of the bride's shoes


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