09 Dec 2017
Fairground Follies Wedding Photo

A Fairground Follies 1950’s Fun Urban Greek Wedding

Let me share an excerpt from the email that Fotini sent me when she was inquiring about wedding photography for her Greek wedding at Fairground Follies:

“Kyle and I are a fun 1950’s enthusiast couple and met at Rock n’ Roll dancing. I’m extrovert, he’s introvert. Both live in the inner west, 7 minutes walking distance from each other. Neither of us own cars and pretty much walk everywhere. We are after a very urban fun wedding that represents the story of us. So if this sounds like a fun day for you too, say yes please!”

Walking into Fotini and Kyle’s wedding reception was a breathtaking moment. The word ‘WOW’ summed it all up! It was like being transported back in time. Who would have thought that this amazing location, Fairground Follies, A Mechanical Music Museum, is lost in the industrial area of St Peters in Sydney? It is always exciting to discover such a different venue. With an antique Parisian carousel in the middle of the venue, every single one of their guest was more than happy to be a child once more. If Fotini and Kyle were after a fun wedding, then they have certainly delivered this and much more! But before the party started, Fotini and Kyle were married in a wonderful and solemn ceremony at the St Helen and Constantine Greek Orthodox Church. Couple portrait photos were done on location at The University of Sydney.

We caught up with the bride and groom a few days after their wedding for a FAST TALK and see how they remembered their wedding day:


~ What made you laugh?
Watching all of our loved ones on the carousel! Everyone was so funny as they all embraced their inner child. Laughing while eating our gelato and dancing to the band. Oh! And Florent! He was such a crack up! His directions during our one on one photo time was a killer!


~ What made you cry?
Having the honour of being married by two priests. This was a surprise arranged by my uncle Emmanuel who invited Father Milton who married my parents and my sister. Our ceremony was so incredible and heartfelt. Him and Father Nektarios brought tears to my eyes. At the reception, all the speeches and dancing with Kyle’s grand parents.


~ What made you pull your hair?
Our flowers arriving 10min before we had to race to our ceremony! They were spectacular and all forgiven as my friend Nicolette is an absolute perfectionist and did an an amazing job!


~ Finish this sentence:”If I knew what I know now…”
…nothing can possibly compare to the ecstatic and exciting feeling of stepping in that church and walking down that aisle. I whispered loudly “This is so exciting!!” The best moment of my life knowing the love of my life was eagerly waiting at that altar to marry ME!


~ To other couples, “Make sure you…”
…don’t get caught up in the stuff that goes not as planned and not what you hoped for in your wedding day’s schedule. I did get caught up a little over silly things and had to force myself to let it go. The day was over in a blink of an eye! Just remember you are marrying the love of your life! That’s all that matters.


Bride walking down the aisle