10 Apr 2021
Elopement wedding port stephens

Elopement Wedding – The why’s and where of an elopement!

Elopement or small wedding proves that you don’t have to have a big wedding for it to be great! I have photographed intimate weddings that are just as beautiful and emotionally charged as big weddings. 

What’s the difference between Eloping and Small Wedding?

I am sure we’ve all heard of the term ‘elopement’. A long time ago, eloping with your partner was once considered taboo – a ‘you and me against the world’ type of wedding! But in modern times, Elopement has become very common and the term even intertwines with a Small Wedding or a Microwedding.

So what exactly is considered a “small wedding”? Personally, I think if you have 20 guests or less then it is considered a small wedding. On the other hand, an elopement is mostly just you, your partner, your celebrant and witnesses. Sometimes couples even ask me if I can be a witness, which of course, I am extremely honoured to accept! 

But without being too technical, whether you are having an elopement or a small wedding, the reasons why couples choose this type of wedding over a traditional wedding are basically the same.

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Why have an Elopement?

Even before Covid-19 a lot of couples were already attracted to the idea of eloping. For some, it takes the pressure of having the “big white wedding”.

For my couples who decided to have an elopement or a small wedding, they just wanted a celebration that was relaxed and simple, and surrounded by their closest family and friends.  

And here are some more reasons why couples choose to elope:


~ You can be very creative with location

It becomes easier to have a wedding location anywhere your heart desires. When organising a big wedding, logistic is one of the things you need to consider. With little to no guests, a mountain top wedding isn’t that far out! How about an underwater wedding if you’re divers? I am in!


~ You can throw away that Excel sheet!

You don’t have to spend months planning a wedding. Wedding planning is one of the most stressful parts of a wedding. A lot of brides enjoy this process, but if you just want to get it done and skip the planning, then elopement is for you!


~ Don’t want to wait to be married!

There is no better time to get married than the present. So if you want to get married now, you can! Elopement also gives you the flexibility to choose less popular days (ie Weekday wedding? Why not?)


~ No family complications.

We all wished that we had the perfect family dynamics. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Eloping means that you don’t have to choose who will be there and who will be left out. Both of you can escape the family drama and you can celebrate with the family as you wish after the wedding.


~ Honeymoon wedding.

Yes, I know that Covid makes this hard for now, but don’t forget that we have so many beautiful locations in Australia to have your perfect wedding and your honeymoon at the same time! So go on and think of the place you’ve always wanted to visit and why not get married there, too?


~ You can make your wedding day last.

Couples always tell me that a wedding day goes by too fast. When you’re eloping you are not bound by a schedule and you can really own your wedding day. You can savour every moment and make this special day truly last.


small wedding

Elopement Wedding at the Dunes


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We still want something nice for our wedding. Is elopement for us?

This is exactly the beauty of having an elopement! You can decide what is truly important to both of you and you can let go of those things that do not mean anything. 

You love food and wine? You can really go all out and enjoy! Book that five star restaurant without breaking the bank. After all it’s your wedding day!

You still want to have professional photographs? Photographers like myself are always excited to shoot an elopement wedding. I always work with my couples to find the best locations for their elopement wedding. Couple portraits become more interesting as it limited only by what you want to do and where!

Also, having an elopement or a small wedding doesn’t mean that you have to skip on having photographs of your bridal and groom preparations. In fact, a lot of couples feel that this is a necessary part of the day, as it sets the tone of your wedding day and brings all different kind of emotions. It also is a great moment to include and to complete your wedding story.


Elopement Wedding

Where to Elope?


As I mentioned before, elopement truly opens up the possibilities where you can have your wedding. It is only limited by what you both want and where you’ve always dreamed to have your wedding. Below are just some of my suggestions of locations to consider for your elopement.


Port Stephens 

small wedding

Only 2.5 hours from Sydney yet feels like miles away from it all, Port Stephens has many beaches to choose from, as well as nature parks to exchange vows. You can have your ceremony right on the beach such as Shoal Bay, Sunset Beach, Corlette Beach, Kingsley Beach, Zenith Beach to name a few! You can even have your elopement ceremony at Stockton Sand Dunes for something truly extraordinary! 


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Hunter Valley

The Hunter is always a romantic place to get married, and having your elopement at the Hunter Valley also means that you can enjoy the gourmet and wine extravaganza this place has to offer. With an array of luxury accommodations to choose from, you can go all out and enjoy yourselves!

Elopement Wedding
Elopement Wedding

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Sydney is such a unique city as it effortlessly showcases the wonder of nature right in the heart of the city. Elopement can be done pretty much anywhere that takes your fancy! Check out our collections of Sydney Wedding Photos for wedding inspiration that will take you from Sydney’s old architecture, location with harbour views through to Sydney’s many corners that will give you a unique wedding portrait that you will love for years.

Elopement Wedding
Elopement Wedding


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Byron Bay

For an of town elopement, Byron Bay is the perfect destination. You can have your elopement ceremony at the garden of Cape Byron Lighthouse overlooking breathtaking ocean views. Considered as one of NSW’s most amazing locations, you don’t have to go too far to have your couple portraits.

Elopement Wedding

South Coast, NSW

Known for its national parks, lagoons, beaches and rainforest, the unspoilt South Coast is also home to plenty of country locations for your elopement.

Elopement SouthCoast

NSW Parks

NSW has so many beautiful national parks, so why not Eloped in one of NSW Parks? You can select from parks with harbour views, ocean views or be right in the middle of nature! We have made it easier for you and we have selected the best parks in NSW to have your elopement.

NSW National Park Wedding

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Southern Highlands, NSW

For another romantic, out of town elopement, the Southern Highlands is an optimum choice! Not only that, with so many gourmet restaurants to choose from, it’s also a food lover’s paradise! The turning of the season is also so pronounced in this part of the NSW, that each brings a colourful palette to your wedding photographs.

Elopement Wedding

Elopement Wedding


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