06 Sep 2019
elopement wedding

Adriana & Simond’s Elopement Wedding at Maroubra Beach

Elopement wedding or a small wedding proves that you don’t have to have a big wedding for it to be great!

Adriana came to us not long after their engagement. She and her fiancé Simond wanted to get married just in time for their anniversary. They wanted a wedding that was relaxed, simple and just surrounded by their closest family and friends.

“Simond comes from a very big family; both of his parents have 9 siblings each, so you could imagine how large our wedding ceremony was going to be! Simond and I both agreed that for our wedding ceremony, we wanted it to be intimate, where the guests and ourselves were focusing more on the commitment we were making to each other, rather than focusing on the partying side. Simond and I both don’t like to be centre of attention so we thought a small, intimate ceremony would be perfect for us.”

They picked the headlands of Maroubra Beach, which is one of my happy places, overlooking the great blue for their wedding ceremony, as it felt ‘free’ just looking at the ocean! I couldn’t agree more!

Sometimes couples talk about the stress and pressure from a wedding. Adriana and Simond’s wedding was far from it. There were plenty of laughter and happy tears throughout out wedding!

“We spent our time so excited for our wedding and were able to enjoy every second! I’ve heard so many people say that they regretted not being able to enjoy their wedding because they were so focused on everything going right and ensuring all of the guests were catered for and enjoying themselves. With a smaller wedding, it was much easier for us to enjoy our day, be calm and have an incredible time with our loved ones.”



Usually when you ask a couple when they met – it is a straightforward answer! Not in the case of Adrian and Simond. A small part of the wedding was debating when Adriana and Simon actually met!

“Simond and I met through a mutual friend. One of my best friends from high school had a friend whose older brother was in the same grade as Simond (who is 4 years older than me). So Simond and I went to high school together, but never met until years after we had both graduated. Till this day, we still agree to disagree about the day we first met!”



The headlands of Maroubra was just an awesome place to have a portrait shoot for their wedding! Nature always provides me with perfect backdrops for couple portrait’s location shoot!



For couples who are considering a small wedding, Adriana has this words of wisdom for you. “Do it! It is the most incredible way to get married! You enjoy your day much more, are more laidback, relaxed and less stressed. Don’t give into pressure and the negative comments you may receive, do things your way, after all, its your wedding!”