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19 Nov 2019
artistic wedding photographer

What are the right questions to ask to find an artistic wedding photographer?

Are you looking for an Artistic Wedding Photographer?   I was recently asked by a journalist, "What are the right questions to ask to find an artistic wedding photographer?" I thought I’d share this with you, as finding the right wedding photographer is probably one of the most important decisions that a couple needs to make. [...]
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09 Jul 2019
wrapt in flowers


Choosing the right florist for your wedding day is just as important as picking the perfect flowers. If you're getting married in Port Stephens and searching for reputable florists, you are bound to come across Wrapt in Flowers. Wrapt in Flowers specialises in bespoke wedding bouquets and event styling florals. According to Correna Davey, owner and the [...]
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30 Sep 2017
first kiss at a wedding with Amanda Knapton

Ask the Expert: “How to do the First Kiss on your wedding day?”

The beginning of your marriage life begins with a kiss. And the thought of kissing in front of your families and friends may leave you feeling awkward! “How long should it be?” We asked our Expert Celebrant, Amanda Knapton of ‘A Celebration Day’, who’s had the pleasure of marrying hundreds of couples and been witnessed to their […]

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27 Sep 2017

Featured Venue: Little Beach Boathouse, Nelson Bay

Ask any foodie for restaurant recommendations in the Bay and Little Beach Boathouse will undoubtedly be on top of the list. This is where locals send their guests to enjoy the best things that Port Stephens has to offer: amazing water views, fresh seafood and professional service. Couples are quickly discovering this hidden gem and [...]
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26 Sep 2017
bridal bouquet

Ask the expert: “How to choose the perfect bridal bouquet for your wedding day?”

Flowers have been a symbol of romance since the Victorian times when lovers would often send flowers to express their love. Long before this, in Ancient Rome, brides would carry or wear flower garlands as a symbol of new beginnings, fidelity and hope of fertility. Less romantic reasons for carrying bouquet of flowers were from […]

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05 Sep 2017
Wedding Day beauty tips by Hair on the Move 2U owner, Lyndle Bryan

Ask the Expert: Beauty tips on how to look amazing on your wedding day

A woman looks her most beautiful on her wedding day. But as every woman knows, looking your best doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a process of taking care of yourself, eating healthily, exercising and of course, a beauty routine that will ensure you’re looking radiant on one of the most special days of your life. We […]

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15 Aug 2017
candid photography of a funny moment at a wedding

Ask The Expert: “We’re very shy couple. What can we do to calm our nerves during our ceremony?”

Robyn Pattison, known as The Wedding Pixie, is an award winning celebrant with endless energy and infectious enthusiasm. It is just fitting to ask Robyn about this question from our shy couple who is terrified of standing in front of their guests. Relax! Yes - it’s not every day that you have to stand and [...]
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