Category: Same Sex Wedding

29 Nov 2017

Mrs & Mrs: Rachel & Maja just got married!

With our recent resounding 'YES' vote success to LGBT weddings, Rachel&Maja's was to us, a symbol of hope, love and equality in marriage. Rachel&Maja got married at the Sydney's UK consulate surrounded by their closest friends. They were both unprepared by how intense they felt during their wedding ceremony. "We were both really surprised at how [...]
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15 Nov 2017
Gay, Lesbian, LGBT Wedding Photographer

Celebrating Same Sex weddings! A win for the Gay & Lesbian community, and for Australia!

As a wedding photographer and a proud supporter of Gay, Lesbian and Same Sex Weddings, I waited with bated breath to learn about the Same Sex Marriage plebiscite result. And today, along with my wife, we popped the Champagne and celebrate with those who believe that love is for everybody and should not discriminate! We [...]
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