10 Apr 2020
calvin estate winery wedding

Love in the vines at Calvin Estate Winery

The Calvin Estate Winery Wedding of Fiona and Malua was the ultimate Love in the Vines. Everything from the preparations of the bride and groom, the wedding ceremony through to the reception happened in the estate.

While on their honeymoon in Europe, Fiona reminisced about the special moments that she remembered the most of her wedding day.

“Waking up with excitement. Writing my vows. Putting my dress on. Anxiously waiting for the car to pick me and my Dad to take us to the ceremony. The nerves seeing everyone and the long walk down the aisle. Seeing my husband to be and the joy at walking out of the ceremony hand in hand as husband and wife.”

Fiona also remembers hers and Malua’s first private moments as husband and wife, which happened during their couple photo shoot when they had the chance to intimately talk and reflect on the formalities that had just passed.

~ What made you laugh? What made you cry?

My Dad forgot that we had our Father & Daughter dance after his speech and he sat down and started eating his meal and didn’t hear the MC calling him up so  I was left standing there trying to get his attention whilst the room laughed.

The best man’s speech referred to my husband as the chocolate and me as the vanilla due to our skin tone and that he hopes we now make some caramel babies!

I cried reading my fiance’s letter early on the morning of the wedding day about the certainty of his love and decision to marry me.

I became emotional hearing my maid of honours speech recalling our 18 year history of friendship



~ What made you choose the Hunter Valley for your wedding destination?

I was interested in escaping the busy, stressful and everyday life of Sydney. I wanted somewhere exclusive and private where everything could be onsite and not to difficult to find or drive to. The Hunter Valley offered that. I love wine and have gone to the region at least once every 2 years for weekends away. I like pretty, earthy scenery which the Hunter Valley has.

~ What made you decide on a Calvin Estate Winery wedding?

We fell in love with the venue as we felt that a Calvin Estate Winery wedding, had it all.

The house was only 50m walk away from the reception, as well as the garden rotunda for the ceremony, then 50m away from the canapés area and then the beautiful, large and warm barrell room for the reception. We also needed somewhere that could accommodate a sit down meal for our large number of guests as we had 175 people. This limited our options to about 5 venues in the Hunter Valley.

~ And as for their choice of photography

Fiona and Malua was referred to Florent Vidal. Fiona added, “I liked the variety of wedding pictures he covered and what I saw. Plus he has a base at the Hunter Valley so we figured he was familiar with the area.”

On the wedding day itself Fiona mentioned that Florent was about capturing the natural moments of the wedding, “He didn’t ask for much formal staged photography, he wanted to capture natural moments. I found him easy to work with and he wasn’t visible or interfering with the flow of the day. Florent also chose a great dual vines/bush location for our couple photoshoot.”