31 May 2018
Bendooley Estate wedding

Bendooley Estate Wedding: “It was always you”. A love story.

Bendooley Estate Wedding|

A couple’s story begins long before their wedding day. It is each other’s history, when combined, gives the perfect love story.

When Carla, a friend of mine, asked me to be her photographer for her wedding, the pressure (and excitement) is tenfold! I have witnessed her journey for many years and the small stories that led to the big day. Naturally, I felt an overwhelming desire to capture Carla and Pete’s wedding day with sensitivity and honesty that it deserves.



They chose Bendooley Estate, Berrima in the Southern Highlands for their ceremony, as well as their reception. Carla and Pete couldn’t have picked a better time of the year to get married! The Autumn colours were in abundance, and I was once again reminded of the beautiful symphony of the changing of the seasons. Carla’s daughter, Ava, led the bridal entrance with her little cousin. The bridesmaids were pure class and elegance in their symmetrically cut dresses.

The beautiful ceremony was held in front of a tranquil lake, and far from a distance, you could see animals grazing in the green pastures. It was a picturesque sight made even more perfect by the sound of a lone saxophonist playing in the background.



Cala and Pete’s wedding ceremony was celebrated by Carla’s aunt, Alison Collins of  Follow that Dream Wedding. Alison would tell me afterwards, “I don’t know how I managed to get through the ceremony without crying!”



Carla was a picture of understated elegance in her beautiful wedding dress (made in Spain!).  Everyone commented that ‘it was so Carla!” As for me, it was such a joy to see Carla’s face beaming with love and pure happiness on her wedding day!



Bendooley Estate’s enchanting surroundings provided the perfect backdrop for Carla and Pete’s couple portrait. It’s always a plus when you don’t have to travel far (or to not have to travel at all!) for the couple portrait (see our article “Couple portraits shoots.”)



A surprise entrance and performance from Carla’s uncle, and Australia’s own Elvis Presley, John Collins.