18 Jun 2018
Baby photography sydney

Baby Photography | Beautiful and Sensitive Newborn Photos

Baby Photography |

There’s nothing more precious and beautiful than a new child entering this world. And to create a series of artistic photographs that really show the intense emotion of this special time is what I hope to achieve. I want to show honest, beautiful and sensitive photographs. For you to feel the falling in love of the new parents with their new baby.

Perhaps you will notice that my newborn photographs is quite different to what we normally see of this genre. I try to be a minimalist when it comes to props, etc. In fact, most often you will see that I don’t use them at all. I’d like to show the purity of this moment without distractions.


Our child will only be this little for such a short period of time..I want you to remember them as they once were when you look at your photographs in the future.




I am also aware that as much as the photos are for the parents, once baby is all grown up, it is also my wish that he or she will enjoy looking at their baby photos. I want to illustrate the immense love that they have brought into the family.



All parents will tell you that as much as it’s an exciting time for the family to have a newborn baby, it is also an exhausting one!


That’s why I offer an ‘At-home’ studio for Photography Newborn session. I bring a portable studio that I set up at the comfort of your home, so baby and the whole family can enjoy a professional in-studio experience without much disruption to the routine.