20 Dec 2017

What are the right questions to ask to find an artistic wedding photographer?

Are you looking for an Artistic Wedding Photographer?

I was recently asked by a journalist, “what are the right questions to ask to find an artistic wedding photographer?”

I thought I’d share this with you, as finding the right wedding photographer is probably one of the most important decisions that a couple needs to make.


~ “Do I like it?” 

In a purely artistic level, I guess the only question to ask is to see more of the photographer’s work and to ask yourself whether you like it or not. What one finds artistic may not necessarily be what you like. As they say, ‘a picture paints a thousands words’, and this is very true when it comes to searching for a photographer.

The bottomline is you need to find someone whose works speak to you.


~ “Tell me how you work at a wedding?” 

When you finally find a photographer whose work you absolutely love, have a chat how he or she works during a wedding. It is your rapport with the photographer and your expectations that can be the difference between a good photography and a great photography.

For instance, I approach a wedding as a photojournalist.

This means that I am mostly an observer and I do not interfere with the flow of the wedding, but I let real emotions come through.

The real challenge for me is to be able to capture things as they happen, but use my creative interpretation to produce images that are unique. Through my photos I want the couple to remember how their wedding day was and to re-awaken feelings from that day.

Couples always say that wedding day goes so fast, and when they tell me that when they look at their photos, they remember how and what they were feeling in a particular moment, I feel that I have done my job well.

During the portrait part of the shoot, here is the part where I guide my couples so that we create artistic portraits that show their feelings and connection to each other.

After discussing with the photographer, and their approach is something that you’re after for your wedding day, then you might have just found the right Artistic Wedding Photographer for you!


{Bridal Party -here I wanted to make the most of the beautiful building, so instead of shooting up close..I used it to frame the bridal party.}

{Bridal dress hanging from the window. The light coming through and photographing the dress from underneath shows the soft, flowing textures of this dress.}

{Bride putting her shoes on – There is a poetic message in this photo. How do you interpret this photo?}

{Framing the mother and daughter’s shared emotion in a single shot captures the intense moment when a bride gets ready for her wedding day.}

{Bride putting her dress on: When you just let the bride and her bridesmaids be – their connection through years of friendship just naturally comes out!}

{Is it real? Wedding Cake photo – using the silhouette of  the bridal cake topper and Sydney’s beautiful sunset make this photo quite an interesting one.}

{Groom getting ready: Using the groom’s shadow (drinking a beer) to make a unique photo of the groom’s suit.}

{An interesting couple portrait with Sydney’s famous giraffe at Taronga Zoo!}

{Mother and bride: The mother’s eyes say it all, and by framing it with her hand that is about to touch her daughter’s hair, put her feelings in to focus.}

{A quiet moment before the bride puts on her wedding dress.} 

{Always looking for ways to make an otherwise ordinary shot into something unique!}

{Looking at ways to use Mother Nature as a backdrop}

{Using light and shadow for dramatic and atmospheric photographs}

{Bride and groom from a different perspective – Queen Victoria Building}