30 Sep 2017
first kiss at a wedding with Amanda Knapton

Ask the Expert: “How to do the First Kiss on your wedding day?”

The beginning of your marriage life begins with a kiss. And the thought of kissing in front of your families and friends may leave you feeling awkward! “How long should it be?” We asked our Expert Celebrant, Amanda Knapton of ‘A Celebration Day’, who’s had the pleasure of marrying hundreds of couples and been witnessed to their first kiss, to give our brides and grooms advise on how to avoid awkward First Kiss.


~ What’s the best way for couples to have their First Kiss?

My best tip is to act natural and have fun.  There is nothing better than the big kiss filled with a few giggles and lots of laughter.  You don’t have to have full rehearsed kiss, (although practicing is a lot of fun) the most natural looking kisses are the spontaneous ones, which come out of the moment. The couples “kiss” is usually spurred on by the excitement of the guests, so it’s always fun to build up the anticipation and excitement from the crowd, so the next step just comes naturally.


~ Amanda, lots of couples ask us how do celebrants ensure that their wedding ceremony is unique to them. What is your approach?

A ceremony will set the vibe for the rest of the day, so you want your guests walking away from your ceremony excited to be part of the journey you have already taken together and ready to celebrate the amazing path ahead.

I like to sit down with my couples in a relaxed environment over a coffee or wine. I like to get the couple chatting together, so no hard hitting questions, more of a story telling opportunity – this way I see the how the couple interacts with each other and I can then determine their ‘style’ ie. if they are playful, intimate, affectionate, or more serious or traditional about their ceremony. Some couples like to share more than others.

I also offer examples of  vows to help inspire them to create their own, and a variety of readings and poems to look over, should they choose to include any.

The ceremony is then crafted based on the couples, personalities, beliefs, dreams and values they want to build their marriage on.


~ Do you have a favourite wedding location?

I have so many favourite wedding locations, but at the moment, my favourites are the natural outdoor locations, with beautiful back drops, which don’t require a lot or any styling and where the couples can feel comfortable and relaxed.

Here are my top 3 (at the moment):

Tumbling Waters Retreat at Stanwell Tops, it doesn’t matter what the weather, the views and gardens are always spectacular, it’s like a secret romantic retreat.

Another favourite are the beautiful gardens at Hazelhurst Café, surrounded by native tree’s and greenery, it’s a location the bride and groom can feel relaxed, guests can play lawn games, and great place for the mini guests too.

And for a seaside location, I can’t go past a little secluded piece of paradise out the front of Zimzala’s Cafe at South Cronulla.  A beautiful little paved nook, protected from the wind by the rock cliffs on one end and the stunning ocean views, and the sound of the waves, on the other.


Get to know Amanda’s passion for weddings and and life’s celebrations by visiting her website http://acelebrationday.com.au

We had the chance to capture Amanda in action at Emma and Julian’s wedding ceremony at the Rose Garden in Sydney Royal Botanic Gardens. It was followed by a dinner at Sails on Lavender Bay. Probably two of the best spots to get an expansive views of Port Jackson and the iconic Harbour Bridge and the Opera House!



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